Operating System

Integrated performance management and meeting structure to drive improvements and alignment

One concept has effectively stood the test of time to solidify itself as being a corner stone to success. Management Systems.
Management culture, that sees & acts as a whole organization is essential for the business to grow together and as a consequence, create more value.

effective leadership

For an organization to become effective in management system a baseline needs to be established, which includes developing standardized structures for information & meetings across the whole business from top to bottom. These structures also serve as platforms for decision making, learning and importantly, sharing.

Performance targets should be aligned with the rest of the business and linked with leading measures, so decisions are made to improve overall performance. To ensure relevant stakeholders are informed it’s critical that visualization and feedback based on these measures are created.

Training leaders in the Operating System model is paramount for success as it requires a mindset, that is focused on the holistic perspective of the organization and the long-term results that it produces. The program is designed to instill this mindset, which will enable the leaders to manage for total effectiveness and value.

Typical deliveries connected to Management System with ZCG:

  • Integrated meeting structure from CEO to shop floor.
  • Integrated execution, improving, and sustaining the business into one muscle.
  • Aligned and balanced KPI structures.
  • Visualized measures brought to dialogue at all levels in the organization.
  • Full process definitions, including process capability, flexibility, and competence level.
  • Management scheme to ongoing confirm and improve process capabilities.
  • Integrated capacity decision making, adopted into standard meeting structure at all levels.
  • Integrate project models adopted into standard meetings.
  • Next level management mindset programme, that help leaders being effective in using the Operating System model as their platform for long-term management.
Prioritized execution

With information sharing and target alignment across the business, a platform for making decisions in the most suitable order is made

Everybody improves every day

By ensuring the whole organization from top to bottom is involved, then learning and acting is a continuous daily effort

Boosted employee retention

The increased employee engagement from leadership and process that enable interaction and knowledge creates culture, that you want to be a part of

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