Sales Strategy & Operations

Strategy, processes, tools and competences for a high performing sales organization

With the rise of big data, cloud technology, and sophisticated sales tools, Sales strategy & Operations have become increasingly important to the success of an organization’s sales department.

At the same time human and cultural aspects around those involved with Sales is as important as ever.

At its core, Sales strategy & Operations is about supporting and enabling frontline sales teams to sell more efficiently and effectively by providing strategic direction and reducing friction in the sales process. This is all done in the spirit of customer satisfaction and companies that keep this in mind might call themselves: customer focused.

The majority of companies will without a doubt say that they are customer-focused – but is that to be believed? A truly customer-focused organization has exactly two types of employees:

  • Those who are in contact with the customers
  • Those who help those who are in contact with customers

Everything we do in the company is based on an understanding that only what we can convey in the meeting points we have with the customers has a value. Be it a product, a service, or an experience. Any activity, management, structures, tools, or competency development that does not serve the direct purpose of preparing or delivering perceived customer value is a waste of time.


  • GoTo Market Strategy
  • Globalization of Sales – own Salesforce / KAM / Partners
  • Efficient Sales Process including CRM, tools, and competences
  • Training of Top Management, Sales Management, and Sales personnel


  • Higher sales per invested resource
  • Increased customer experience and loyalty
  • Lower costs
Sales efficiency

Higher sales pr. invested sales- and marketing resource with efficient strategy, -process, -tools and -competences.

Increased customer experience and loyalty

A truly customer focused organization delivering a strong customer experience means high performance on KPIs as conversion rates and retention.

Lower costs

Good news is that the same methods and structures providing better sales simultaneously provides lower cost pr. sale.

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