LEAN Shop Floor

ZCG LEAN Shop Floor offerings involve a range of services aimed at optimizing manufacturing processes, reducing waste, improving efficiency, and enhancing overall productivity


Consultants conduct a thorough assessment of the shop floor operations to identify areas of inefficiency, waste, and opportunities for improvement. This may involve analyzing processes, workflows, layout, equipment utilization, and employee practices

Consultants work with the shop floor team to map out the entire production process from raw materials to finished products, identifying value-adding activities and areas of waste. Together a Current State, Future Step, Gap Assessment and a Prioritized initiative list is generated for implementation. Value stream mapping helps visualize the flow of materials and information and highlights opportunities for streamlining

Kaizen, meaning continuous improvement, involves conducting workshops with shop floor teams to identify and implement small, incremental improvements in processes. Consultants facilitate these workshops, providing training on Lean principles and guiding teams in problem-solving and root cause analysis

Consultants help identify opportunities to implement Flow & Kanban systems to manage inventory levels and optimize production flow. Striving for Flow involves identifying barriers and continuously working to elliminate them. Kanban involves using visual signals to trigger production or replenishment activities based on actual demand, reducing excess inventory and minimizing lead times

Consultants support the implementation of TPM practices to maximize equipment effectiveness and minimize downtime. This includes preventive maintenance, autonomous maintenance by operators, and ongoing improvement of equipment reliability

Consultants provide training sessions and workshops to educate shop floor employees and management on Lean principles, tools, and techniques. This helps build a culture of continuous improvement and empowers employees to actively participate in Lean initiatives

Consultants assist in establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure shop floor performance and track progress over time. They develop systems for monitoring KPIs and provide guidance on using data to drive decision-making and improvement efforts

Consultants work with shop floor leadership to develop a roadmap for ongoing Lean implementation, outlining priorities, milestones, and resource requirements. This roadmap serves as a guide for sustained improvement efforts and ensures alignment with overall business objectives

Consultants teach, coach and support Systematic Problem Solving. LEAN is intended to bring problems to the surface in order to solve them permanently. The consultants build the competencies to solve the problems to Root Cause, rather than removing the symptoms. Systematic Problem Solving is key in building a Continuous Improvement Culture

Increased productivity

With a value-based design of processes with quantifiable measurements and pull signals from customers, a more effective, productive and sustainable manufacturing process is achieved

Simplified material flow

Through new layouts, visualizations and standardized processes that respond to actual customer demand, a simpler material flow is established that improves on cost, quality and time

Continuous improvement

By involving and engaging stakeholders through training modules and continuous improvement projects, an understanding of the tools and methods applied is gained. This will build the continuous improvement culture needed to work to perfection

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