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At ZILLION, our strategy consultants have experience from both top-tier consultancies and line management. Our focus is on ensuring that your strategy delivers real business impact outside of the board room.
By applying our strategic problem-solving skills and industry experience, we collaborate with your organization to tackle the most complex challenges in your business. Our approach delivers real results that impact both the top line and the bottom line.

The heart of a strategy is for organizations to make specific choices about the future. It is important to be proactive and make decisions to control events, rather than letting events control your choices.

There are several critical elements in a strategy that any organization should address. For example: “Where will we play? How will we win? What capabilities must be in place?” Addressing such strategic decisions is crucial for competing and achieving success in today’s demanding business environment.

ZCG utilizes the strategic framework outlined in “Playing to Win”, in addition to various other strategy frameworks, to review or develop your strategy, ensuring your organization’s ability to control events and achieve success.


Within a few weeks, we thoroughly assess your current strategy and business performance to pinpoint both strategic and performance-related challenges, along with their root causes. In collaboration with your organization, we then formulate a recommendation for the path ahead

We assist in formulating a clear company strategy, complemented by supportive initiatives, must-win-battles, approach, governance, and related aspects. In partnership with your organization, we co-create strategies that not only harness internal knowledge but also foster organizational commitment

We assess your current strategy execution capabilities and identify key gaps. We make recommendations on initiatives to close gaps within key areas and must-win-battles. Our services include execution assistance on strategic initiatives through Subject Matter Experts and management support. Our consultants seamlessly integrate into your organization, serving as management support, program managers, and project managers

Clear direction and focus

A business strategy provides a clear direction and focus for the organization. It outlines the longterm goals and objectives, helping the company understand where it wants to go and how it intends to get there

Guides in optimizing resources

A clear business strategy helps in optimizing resources by aligning them with the organization's goals. With a strategy in place, companies can prioritize and allocate resources (financial, human, and technological) more efficiently.

Enables organizations to adapt

In today's dynamic business environment, change is constant. A well-crafted business strategy enables an organization to adapt to changes in the market, industry, or internal conditions.

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