Supply Chain Management

Global footprint and planning concepts for optimizing service, inventories, and costs.


Global setup of factories, supporting functions, and warehouses to optimize your service, costs, and cash flows. Is your footprint ready for next-gen digital commerzing? And how to foresee and reduce risks from disruptions in your supply chains and/or from competitors?

Translate service objectives into dynamic and decisive inventory models throughout your supply chain. We support you in balancing your cash to be as active and demand driven as possible - increase your stock turns substantially. Segmentations of markets and material characteristics combined with market insights and statistical models will be your reference on how to decide & deploy your availability to serve effectively

End-to-end alignment and integration of your execution and decision making processes. We support you going from uncoordinated efforts within siloes to launching integrated & digital operational-improvement by prioritized end-to-end journeys

Forecast and demand planning is crucial to be able to react and adapt to new market trends and changing demand patterns. This requires the use of sales forecasting techniques to accurately predict demand trends. We help you bridge sales channels knowledge into supply chain decision making

How do you cope with changing demand patterns and supply chain disruptions? We support you build a fact based decision process that enforce coordination between Sales, Operations and Finance on how to balance supply and demand. Ultimately, this results in improved profitability and cash flow

Aligned planning and order confirmation setup – trust your operational signals for systematic confirmation, releases, and follow-up. The foundation for a robust planning and execution process is a strong master data footprint that support business objectives. We support you integrate your planning and order handling processes with master data footprint and MRP settings

Implementation end-to-end planning and order execution trough alignment and standardization of core business processes; how to operate, execute and prioritize in planning and order handling is critical for building a scalable business and is a foundation for growth

Improved delivery services

Bringing alignment and balance with an inventory strategy coupled with forecasts will ensure the businesses delivery services are in front of the customer demand

Reduced inventories

Increase stock turns and reduce inventory by balancing your inventory strategy and planning approach to be as demand driven as possible

Reduce total supply chain costs

Shifting from a firefighting culture to a proactive and aligned planning organisation will provide stability and drive down overall supply chain cost

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