Warehouse Operations

Physical layout, system support, automation, and effective processes.

Warehousing is more than simply storing goods and covers aspects of physical layouts, IT systems, planning and process effectiveness. If your business seeks better utilization of tangible and intangible resources,real-time control and customer satisfaction, then it’s crucial to understand what and how it can be achieved through warehouse optimization.

Optimization can be achieved through mapping of the warehouse including dimensioning, which are inserted into digital solutions for faster and more intelligent planning.

Dynamic heat mapping to analyze picking patterns to reduce wasteful movement. Breakdown of batch and packaging sizes with further analysis to calculate the optimal size or determine the balance of fixed or floating layout types.

Combined with LEAN principles, where creating flow is at its center, it’s possible to improve on current processes for higher efficiencies and identify & eliminate other kinds of waste at either operational or strategical level.

Closely related to processes are the employees attached, which is why the culture surrounding it is very important. Keeping the employees motivated and informed about performance e.g. picking rates, fulfillment quality etc. are paramount for a performance driven culture.

Most warehousing setups are supported by Enterprise Resource Planning systems or commonly known as ERP systems, which serves as the backbone for controlling information about products, customers, agreements etc.

To stay competitive, it’s critical to ensure the backbone is strong and resilient against any changes that occurs around it such as market surges (up or down), IT breakdowns or crisis’s around the globe.

Serving alongside a strong IT backbone are areas of digitalization and industry 4.0 technologies, that all seeks to improve the way business is being executed on today.

Investments into technologies that automate picking, packing or delivery is not happening tomorrow, but rather today as more businesses are becoming ready to research, plan and implement the solutions fit for their requirements.

Our Key Offerings:

  • Dynamic heat mapping of picking patterns.
  • Performance management & motivation.
  • Warehouse equipment management.
  • Choice of equipment & level of automation.
  • Warehouse 4.0 technologies and digitalization.
  • Balance between fixed and floating layout types.
  • ERP warehouse setup (AX, SAP, M3, NAV).
  • Warehouse dimensions into planning systems.
  • Optimize batch and packaging sizes.
  • Warehouse LEAN optimization.
Warehouse cost savings

By focusing on improving flow within the warehouse and removing wasteful activities, then a balanced warehousing cost is achieved.

Storage utilization

Combining revised layout types and dimensioning for both products and facility, it enables high storage utilization.

Picking quality

Motivating employees and providing the relevant metrics for real-time status updates improves on correct picking the first time.

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