TransportTender is a strategic freight procurement tool built as a cloud-based SaaS solution / TenderPortal, which connects transport buyer with transport provider.

To the extent that TransportTender performs Transport Optimisation at a customer’s premises, the customer automatically gets access to their very own Tender Portal.

The purpose is to optimize freight costs and provide full transparency regarding tender material, transport data, various freight indexes, freight quotes and not least give the customer a comprehensive overview of both CO2 footprint and the transport economy.

The unique platform of TransportTender makes it easy for companies to describe their freight needs, including their qualitative requirements, as well as offer freight to freight forwarders and receive competitive offers that are automatically benchmarked in the “Live Quotes” tool.

The tool is for the professional transport purchaser who wants to move into a digitized world where freight procurement is lifted to a higher strategic level.

In other words, TransportTender is a “Freight Management System” – a kind of customer’s digital transport assistant.


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